OKAY! Open Knowledge Awesome Year 2016

Dear Open Knowledge enthusiast

It’s time to celebrate an awesome year! The Gala Event – typically as part of the Apps4Finland or Open Finland Challenge competition, has for the last 6 years served as an important get-together for the whole Open Knowledge community. This year’s version, OKAY, will be on the Finnish Right to know day (Tietämisen vapaden päivä), Friday 2nd December from 18:00hrs. It’s an informal evening including highlights from the successful MyData Conference and Hackathon and the numerous projects with the organisations that we’re involved with. Perhaps we just might get some hints on what interesting things we are planning to pursue in 2017!

Let’s have some awesome chats and celebrate all the work that we do towards an open society. Bring your friends, make new friends!

Space is somewhat limited, so we’re looking for the first 150 open enthusiasts to sign-up – fast! Minimum age is 18 years old. No maximum age ?


December 2nd, 2016, 18:00hrs-24:00hrs at Kellohalli, Työpajankatu 2A, rak.1e, 00580 Helsinki.


Lovely buffet food – including stylish salads, choice of fish, meat (+allergy/special requests) main dish, dessert and first drink. Final menu to be informed soon.

Ticket Options (very special prices):

  • Open Knowledge Finland Members €20/person.
  • Open Knowledge Finland Non Members €30/person*

*Hint: sign-up here for Open Knowledge Finland Membership (for free, takes 5 mins) and then buy the Member ticket ?

Sign-up NOW for your ticket: https://holvi.com/shop/OKAY2016/

Tips: select ticket type – Member, Non Member or ‘Promise to pay’ (if you will pay latest at the door/binding commitment). Minimum of your name, email, country is required for the payment process. Recommendation is to pay via bank codes (cheaper to us than credit card ;).

Note: you can state further information (allergies etc) during ticket checkout. Contact us if you need to an invoice to pay for a large group.


Please act as soon as possible. Very latest we need final numbers by 21st November for catering.

We look forward to seeing you!

Regards OKAY Organizing team

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