DataBusiness Challenge - game on!

DataBusiness Challenge is a new open data idea and solution competition. This is the first time the six biggest cities are arranging the competition together.

Create ideas that will develop the city

The aim of the DataBusiness Challenge is to find solutions that help the citizens in their everyday life or assist the city in their decision making processes. How can we utilize open data to bring forth new concepts, mobile or web applications that make our cities smarter and better?

Win thousands of euros and participate to cities Experiments

The Challenges are: Active citizen and Functional city. The best ideas or solutions will be awarded in February when a Price gala is held in Helsinki city. The contestants can also participate in separate Experiments arranged by Espoo, Vantaa and Helsinki in spring 2017.

The competition starts 3.10.2016 and the deadline for submitting ideas / solutions is 30.1.2017. Read more about the Challenge, rules, criteria for evaluation and prices.