Open data idea and solution competition by the Six Cities!

During 3.10.2016-30.1.2017 DataBusiness Challenge idea and solution competition searched for the most creative concepts, interesting digital applications and solutions with the best business potential which utilized somehow open data provided by 6Aika cities. The six cities in Finland wanted the solutions to help the everyday lives of people living and working in the cities or they could activate the citizen to participate in the development of their cities. On 15th of Feburary 2017 the best solutions were awarded at the DataBusiness Award Gala in Kellohalli, Helsinki.

Functional city challenge

Most creative concept 1500€: City Bike Deposit

Most innovative solution 1500€: Libertas – Liberate employment. Rethink education.

Idea with the Best Business Potential 1500€: Libertas – Liberate employment. Rethink education.

Active citizen challenge

Most creative concept 1500€: RepoLights

Most innovative solution 1500€: Moose – Exchange Students Assistant

Idea with the Best Business Potential 1500€: Electorate

Thank you all for the 42 interesting submissions and congratulations for the winners of DataBusiness Challenge!

City Experiments continue

During the competition the cities of  Tampere, Vantaa, Espoo and Helsinki were searching for businesses willing to test their development ideas with the cities. The cities are offering 5 000€ for selected experiments which are chosen from 18 proposals received. Selected Experiments will be announced shortly and they will be put to test during spring 2017.


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