In the Open Data and Interfaces spearhead project, within the framework of Six City Strategy, the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu open up their data while developing and following shared operating models. The opening up and utilisation of data creates innovations and business as companies and developers use the data as the raw material for new services. Open data offers access to public information, making its utilisation easier than before.

The target group of the open data spearhead project is companies. The aim is to involve the business sector in active cooperation so that operators can share their own data needs, influence the interface solutions and standards chosen, utilise the open data provided by cities and open up their own data for use by others.

The six participating cities offer an excellent test environment and market for new trials and services. As such, measures for activating companies and other developers are an integral part of the spearhead project. The aim is to make the opening up of data a natural part of the normal operation of cities, thus helping them facilitate the creation of data-based services and business even after the completion of the project. The total budget of the 3,5 year project (1 July 2014–31 December 2017) spearhead project is 7,5 million euros.