Harmonised Smart City API Cook Book

Harmonized Smart City API Cook Book introduces to you the opportunities APIs offer for cities, developers and companies. It also gives concrete examples of the use of the current Smart City APIs created by the six largest cities in Finland in the 6Aika Open data and interfaces project. Last part of the toolkit focuses on step-by-step guidance for starting your journey with Smart City or any other API.

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Open API recommendations for cities

Open API Recommendations for Cities describes the importance of APIs and the goals related to them from the cities’ perspective. The recommendations are intended as a general policy to be applied alongside the strategic policies, principles and guidelines that often guide ICT and service development in cities.

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Api Toolkit

The Toolkit is intended to be read in conjunction with the Open API recommendations for cities, which explores APIs, their importance as part of the services offered by cities and the objectives and measures related to APIs on a general level. This brochure takes a more detailed look at the most important issues that should be taken into consideration in the implementation of an open API. The brochure is primarily meant to provide help with API procurement, due to which it does not explore the technical intricacies of APIs.

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Working Together Towards Open Data Business

In order to promote businesses based on open data, Finnish cities are engaging in widespread cooperation and collaboration with various industries. This guide collects the experiences of the six largest cities in Finland over the last four years. What kind of measures have been implemented, what lessons have been learned? How could the cities further develop their cooperation with businesses?

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